Years 7 – 9

German is taught in Year 7 alongside Spanish and French languages in Year 8. Students may then choose it as one of two compulsory languages in Year 8. In Year 9 students can choose to take German on to GCSE as well as their other MFL. 


All students have access to:

  • A digital Language Laboratory at least once every cycle and access to the Kimboodle website
  • A native-speaker Language Assistant for at least one session per cycle
  • The two year GCSE and GCE German AQA courses provide a stimulating and satisfying learning experience for all abilities
  • Insight into the culture of German speaking countries
  • Contexts and topics of universal interest to young people
  • The Onatti play in German performs to students in Years 8 to 13 bi-annually
  • An annual exchange programme to Bamberg in Germany

Linguistic knowledge, understanding and skills acquired through studying German will also help students in terms of career development.