French Senior


As a language spoken in many countries across the world French is tremendously important and the ability to communicate it can be a great advantage whatever your career.

At BMS we aim to teach students to use the language effectively and accurately in spoken and written form. We also try to give them an awareness of the French way of life and an insight into the cultural richness of French-speaking countries. In teaching French at BMS we use the language as much as possible as a means of communication in the classroom and have a range of resources at our disposal to make language learning a varied and stimulating experience.

Years 7 – 9

All students learn French in Year 7 along with German and Spanish.

French can be chosen as one of the two Modern Languages taken into Years 8 and 9.

The textbook and online Studio course is followed from Year 7 to 9.

Lessons include the use of the digital language laboratory to access audio-visual and online materials.

The Onatti play in French performs to students in Year 8 to 13 bi-annually.

There is a bi-annual trip to either Parc Astérix or Disneyland, Paris for a cultural and fun celebration of language learning at KS3.


AQA endorsed courses who award the qualification.

Course material is available online in School and at home.

A native speaker language assistant helps prepare all examination classes for their oral tests. There are bi-annual trips to Paris for linguistic and cultural development.

Click here to view the French Academic Pathway at BMS.