Senior English


English Language

Within English, students work on the following four areas; reading, writing, speaking and listening. All aspects of the English curriculum are supported by the extensive English Faculty Resources.

Reading and Writing

The fundamentals of reading and writing are continually re-visited through the teaching of grammar and spelling, through literary analysis, and through writing pieces which require students to use different styles and registers.

Speaking and Listening

There is also a strong emphasis on oral work throughout the English curriculum and students are taught to communicate with clarity, confidence and purpose in a variety of different forums.

They are also taught and encouraged to use ICT effectively to complement their work within English.

English Literature

Seeks to deepen each student’s understanding of texts by placing them in a wider context. Students are expected to undertake research concerning a text’s historical, generic and critical background – thereby gaining a better understanding of the moral and social issues within the novel, play or poem. We therefore encourage students to use the School library, local libraries, dvds, cds and the internet for background study, often setting them an individual topic to research and present.

Click here to read journalism project: ‘Second Glance’ by Tom Piccolo, Year 7. 

The Scribbler 

The Scribbler, a literary magazine for the students, by the students, hits the classrooms on Friday 23rd September. An editorial team of students from Years 10 to 13 has contributed original ideas and commissioned pieces to compile a magazine bursting with literary content.

Peruse the pages of the first edition and you will find, among other things, “Poet’s Corner”, “Miriam’s Monologues”, “Desert Island Books” and “Literary Letters”. There is a wide variety of creative talent in Bedford Modern School and we hope to promote the wonderful work of students from Year 7 to 13.

We hope you enjoy reading this debut issue. Read the electronic edition of The Scribbler or pick up a copy available in tutor groups, common room offices and the school library. 

If you would like to see your work published, please contact Ms Chumbley at

Click here to view the English Academic Pathway at BMS.