DT Senior

Design and Technology

Design and Technology is compulsory in Years 7 and 8 and the curriculum is designed to give students a foundation in some of the core skills and knowledge required to continue the subject, should they choose to opt for it, in Year 9 and on into GCSE.

Students complete three projects in year 7 and two in year 8 that focus in on the iterative design process when designing and manufacturing products. In Year 9 the students complete two projects involving a range of different media and processes that include computer aided design and computer aided manufacture. Students are always challenged to produce high quality products that function as intended.

GCSE Design and Technology

All previous projects are designed to introduce and build upon the elements, which form the two disciplines offered at GCSE that students may choose from:

  • Product Design
  • Design Engineering

At GCSE 50% of the final mark is assessed by coursework and 50% examination by paper; with excellent examination results and high ‘value added’ scores being achieved in all disciplines.