History Senior

Classical Civilisation

Classical Civilisation, the study of aspects of ancient Greek and Roman life, is available as a GCSE option in Years 10 and 11. We follow the OCR specification, choosing the following two units:


  • Myth and Religion: students learn about the gods of Greece and Rome, the story of Hercules, beliefs about the underworld, temples and festivals, and myths relating to the founding of Athens and Rome.
  • The Homeric World: students read a selection of stories from Homer’s Odyssey, and also learn about the lives of real people in the time in which the Odyssey was set, focusing on archaeological discoveries at the sites of Troy, Mycenae and Tiryns.

We hope that the study of ancient civilisations will give our students a greater understanding of how our world has developed and will challenge them to think more critically about the society they live in today.