Biology Senior


The aim of the Department is to:

  • Facilitate maximum examination performance from each student
  • Enthuse and engender a wider interest in Biology as a whole, above and beyond the confines of the specification,
  • Build upon and further develop practical skills.

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Biology at Bedford Modern School is a taught curriculum over three years of study (Years 9 through to 11).

The curriculum follows the Edexcel IGCSE.

In Year 9, students will start with the fundamental concepts in Biology, including cells, the 5 kingdom classification of life, transportation of substances across the cell membrane, diet, enzymes, digestion, respiration and the flow of energy through food chains.

In Year 10, students progress to studying topics mainly based upon physiology and botany, including disease and drug development, ventilation, gas exchange, circulation, excretion and co-ordination and control in both animals and plants.

Year 11 sees the students studying the topics of ecology, environmental change, evolution and natural selection, reproduction and finally genetics, both in terms of inheritance and technologies such as cloning and genetic evolution.