Art Senior School


The aim of the Art Department is to:

  • Develop a challenging, exciting and stimulating experience
  • Encourage students to interact
  • Make students aware of the creative world around them
  • Practical application in the form of painting, printing, textiles, ceramics and sculpture
  • Explore other artists work and the development of an individual’s ideas

The Department is well equipped and departmental staff are here to facilitate projects that are ambitious, individual and inspiring.

Drawing and Painting

These are seen as the starting point to projects and ideas. Students are encouraged to work using a variety of media to experience subject matter with an individual and personal approach.

Print Making

This promotes investigation and development of work through a variety of print making processes. These include lino, intaglio (dry point and etching), mono-prints and collograph. Students are introduced to each method through taster workshops which develop ideas through experimentation into fully realised final outcomes.


Allows students to develop skills in both modelling and the development of three dimensional works in the fully equipped ceramics studio.


Moves away from the more traditional working materials and offers students the opportunity to be impulsive and creative using mediums such as plaster, willow and wire. The three ways of making sculpture – modelling, carving and constructing – are all encouraged to allow an individual approach to work. 


Click here to view what students have been creating in a recent the Extension Art Session.