Bedford Modern Junior School Science


Science is concerned with making discoveries about the world around us. It is fun and deeply satisfying to find out for oneself by, for example, doing an experiment.

We aim to introduce the pupils to as many opportunities for experimentation as possible. A great deal of the work in Science is practical and this is backed up with discussions, explanations, media and resources.

Throughout the four year groups the pupils are encouraged to:

  • Think scientifically
  • Apply the rules of fair testing in practical situations
  • Record and display results and findings in a variety of ways
  • This will prepare them for their further scientific studies as they progress through Bedford Modern School
  • Examples of topics covered in the Junior School
  • Teeth and Eating
  • Magnets and Springs
  • Electricity
  • Plants
  • Sound
  • The Earth and Beyond
  • Properties of Materials
  • Evolution and Inheritance
  • Light and the eye