Junior PSHE


PSHEE (Personal, Social, Health Education and Economic) and Citizenship help to give children the knowledge, skills and understanding they need to lead confident, healthy, independent lives and to become informed, active, responsible citizens.

Children are encouraged to contribute fully to the life of the school and their surrounding communities. By doing so they learn to recognise self-worth, work confidently with others and become increasingly responsible for their own learning.

By studying PSHEE children acquire a knowledge and understanding of:

  • Different ventures and organisations
  • Developing a moral understanding that gives them a premise on which they can base decisions that they have to make in their every day lives
  • Political and social institutions that affect their lives
  • Responsibilities, rights and duties as individuals and members of communities
  • Understand and respect our common humanity, diversity and differences
  • Health & wellbeing
  • Social and media understanding
  • British values
  • Community involvement
  • Political literacy
  • Relationships