Academic Support and Academic Extension

At Bedford Modern School we provide a rich and systematic educational provision for all of our pupils. No pupil is the same, and we strive to offer a personalised education that supports and extends all pupils irrespective of ability.

Our provision for all pupils can best be considered within the following two headings:

Academic Support

Whether due to a Specific Learning Difficulty, or more general support needs in reading, writing or spelling skills, we provide individual or small group support in our dedicated Academic Support area. We pride ourselves on the consideration and attention we give to our pupils in responding to their individual needs. We help them to fulfill their potential in classroom lessons, in homework and in exams, liaising regularly with subject departments to ensure coordinated support. 

Academic Extension

All pupils, irrespective of ability or aptitude, should benefit and enjoy stimulating, exciting learning that extends pupils beyond the ‘normal’ syllabus. Whether this be through the occasional off-topic lesson in class to investigate another related academic issue to that subject, or through clubs, societies, trips or links to external groups or publications, pupils are inspired to develop a love of subjects both within and away from the classroom.

There is also a specific place for recognising and challenging the most able pupils to ensure they are stretched and challenged to meet their enhanced capabilities. Thus we provide specific academic societies, trips, competitions and targeted opportunities for those with particular academic talents, whether that be subject-specific or in general across the school for a given pupil. We thus offer a specific Academic Performance Programme for our most able pupils – what might in other schools be called Gifted and Talented or Able, Gifted and Talented provision.

Click here to view the whole school provision for Academic Support and Academic Extension at Bedford Modern School.

Please consult the various pages on each section of our academic provision to learn more about the opportunities we offer. Our enrichment programme also supplements our academic provision through the development of wider academic and life skills: please consult this section in the ‘Pastoral’ area of the website.