Zaza | 7 years old

“This summer I’ve done Swimming and Gymnastics. I’ve not been able to go in the pool at my friends’ house because I was the only one who couldn’t swim, so learning to swim was my favourite activity! I’ve made two friends who are really nice to me and I’ve had so much fun.”

Josh | 12 years old

“This summer I’ve done Football, Parkour, Survival Adventure Skills, Fencing, Hockey and Cricket. Football was great because we would play matches and I made loads of friends on the course. I’m looking forward to coming back next year.”

Honey | 12 years old

“I’ve done courses like Climbing, Baking and Survival Adventure Skills. SAS is an amazing course and I’ve had so much fun. I get on well with the instructors and I love den building because you get to work with your team and wear camouflage.”

Arjun | 6 years old

“I’ve really enjoyed all the activities, especially the quad bikes and the bouncy castle in Multi-activity, and the drawing and bag making in Arts and Crafts. The staff are all really helpful and I’ve loved everything.”


Hannah | 11 years old

“I’ve made lots of new friends on the Holiday Activity Courses this year, everyone is really friendly and there’s a great atmosphere. It’s good to be able to focus on something which really interests you and you can come back time and time again because there are so many great things on offer.”


Edward | 11 years old

“I like the fact you can have fun. I really enjoyed Youth TV because you get to make your own mini-movies. I also like watching other people’s whilst eating popcorn. Another great course is Studio Sounds where you get to sing and record your own song. You can do a group or solo part.”


Bethan | 9 years old

“I really enjoy the courses as there are lots of people you can make friends with. The staff are really nice and it is great that some of them were on the courses when they were young!

My favourite course is multi-sports as you get to lots of different activities  and develop new skills. I particularly enjoyed the swimming.”