A Bright Future For Singer-Songwriter Anna Catriona

Year 11 student, Anna James, burst onto the online music scene in 2018, performing under the name Anna Catriona. So far she has released two tracks with Aceo Records, launched a music video and had air-time on BBC Radio.

Anna began playing the piano when she was just three years old, and starting writing from the age of eight. However, it was at 14 when she began sharing her music with the world, first performing her debut track ‘Beautiful Catastrophe’ at the 2018 BMS Open Mic Night. Following this performance, fellow student James Russell approached her to discuss recording the track for release on streaming services. With James’s help, a live version was released in August 2018, and a studio recording released in October.

Since then Anna has gone from strength-to-strength. Last month she released a music video for ‘Beautiful Catastrophe’, which was produced by James, with help from fellow BMS students Ollie Granger and Joly Black, Joly taking a starring role. She has also recorded a second track ‘Fade Away’, which was released earlier this month and has already been played on the BBC Music Introducing programme.

Anna commented: “This has been an absolute amazing experience for me. I’m so grateful for all the support which has been shown so far, and I look forward to recording another video for ‘Fade Away’ later this year.”

We wish Anna well with her musical journey, with big things to come.

Click here for a link to ‘Beautiful Catastrophe’.

Click here for a link to ‘Fade Away’.

Beautiful Catastrophe – Official Video