Junior School Head’s Blog

Last Friday we were treated to an assembly presented by the Charities Club in preparation for our fundraising event on Friday 15 March. The children have been asked to come to school with “Wacky Hair” for the day and make a donation to do so.  I look forward to seeing some imaginative creations in addition to raising lots of money for this great cause.  Very well done indeed to Charities Club and Mrs Westbrook.

On Tuesday we will be treated to a performance from the children in Y4 entitled The Great Fire of London.  They have been working on this for a number of weeks with a view to complementing their curriculum and I am sure that it will be a very enjoyable event.  For those who are attending it begins at 4.30pm and lasts for about an hour.

Thursday will see us waving Y3 off on their trip to Celtic Harmony in Hertfordshire.  They are visiting as part of the Humanities curriculum where they study through from the stone age to the iron age.  As part of the trip they will be absorbed into a reconstructed bronze age village which all sounds very exciting!

With the teachers busily writing reports on the children’s progress we have just three weeks left before the Easter holiday begins.  These are due to be published during the final week of term.  Please also be aware that as it is the end of a full term, school will finish at 12 noon on Friday 29 March.

Mrs J Rex

Head of Junior School