Headmaster’s Blog

Last week I had the great pleasure of welcoming back a large number of students and their families who, I hope, will be joining us in September.  It was super to be able to speak to them in a more relaxed atmosphere than the last time we saw them on their assessment days. Naturally the emphasis of their questions had shifted to focus on life at BMS and in answering some of them it made me realise once again what a very busy place it is.

In any one week, this term alone, there are more than 60 co-curricular activities to choose from across all year groups.  These can take place during break, at lunch time or after school and there really is something for everyone. They range from sports squad training, general fitness and yoga to taking part in choirs, ensembles and orchestras. Production rehearsals continue apace, involving those both on the stage and behind the scenes, and house events such as debating are also on offer.  Some of the more unusual clubs include calligraphy, Lego, chess and board games and even knitting. Students can also attend subject-specific clubs such as science and classics. I am always amazed by the commitment shown by our students to develop themselves outside of the classroom which is such an important driver for success in today’s world.

Another benefit of being a BMS student is having access to the Old Bedford Modernians’ (OBM) network when you leave.  This is valuable in so many ways not least because so many of our OBMs willingly offer career advice and support to our students. A typical example of this is the visit this week by OBM Sam Clemens who delivered a workshop on acting for radio and voice-over, working with a small group of students from Years 11 – 13. As well as acting, he writes, produces and directs professionally and the students will undoubtedly have learned a lot from his insights.

And finally my congratulations to OBM Lizzie Adam who recently received her first England cap for her part in the HSBC World Rugby Sevens Series 2019 in Sydney. This comes after an extensive tour in New Zealand and Australia, playing some of the best teams in the world. What an incredible achievement and I look forward to watching her progress in the future.

Alex Tate