OBM Segun Akinola Presents School Music Prizes

On Tuesday 05 February, OBM and former Head Boy Segun Akinola returned to BMS to present the annual music prizes. The day showcased a wealth of musical talent across categories including preliminary, intermediate and advanced standards for each instrument group, plus prizes for singing and composition.

Performances took place throughout the day with Segun announcing the winners for each category.

Segun was an active member of the Music Department during his time at BMS, and went on to study composition at the Birmingham Conservatoire and the National Film and Television School. He is best known for his music in the latest series of Doctor Who, starring the first female Doctor, Jodie Whittaker.

Director of Music, John Mower, commented: “It was lovely to welcome Segun back to BMS, to catch up with him and to hear about all his musical exploits. I know that the students valued his comments and the interaction he had with them during the course of the day.”

The winners were as follows:

Preliminary Music Prize
Sophie Harrison – Year 7 (piano)

Intermediate Music Prize (any instrument)
Ananya Chandra – Year 9 (drum kit)

Intermediate Music Prize (Strings)
Jennifer Khan – Year 9 (violin)

Intermediate Music Prize (Voice)
Hetty Franklin – Year 8

Intermediate Music Prize (Piano)
Charlie Blades – Year 8

Deveson Prize for Strings
Tarek Eldin (cello) – Year 13

David Warren Prize for Broken Voice Singing
Alasdair McGlashan – Year 13

Deveson Prize for Woodwind and Brass
Freddy Hoare (flute) – Year 9

HW Stewardson Prize for Keyboard
Martha Raban (piano) – Year 13
Gus Wallett (marimba) – Year 13

The School Prize for Singing
Jade Ajibola – Year 13
Immy Churchill – Year 12

Composition Forum
Immy Churchill – Year 12
Michael Chamberlain – Year 11

The Prize-Winners’ Prize
Alasdair McGlashan – Year 13