Headmaster’s Blog

During the past week or so there has been so much to enjoy on the BMS stage. I had a wonderful evening watching our very youngest students showcase all that they have been working on in their dance and speech and drama lessons last Thursday. I was particularly pleased to see some of those students we welcomed to the Junior School in September performing with such confidence and, importantly, enjoying every minute of it. I have no doubt that we will be seeing some of them in one of the main school productions in a few years. 

On the following evening it was the turn of our senior school students who rocked the house, well – the Howard Hall – for one-night only.  What I found so tremendous about the evening was that a great many of the performers were not those who ordinarily sing in the school choirs, play in the orchestras or ensembles or perform in the shows.  It’s this sort of opportunity, where we encourage those with ‘hidden’ talents to shine, that makes BMS such a special place.

Next it was the turn of our Junior School musicians who were rather more traditional in their approach but nonetheless did themselves proud in what was, for some, the first time they will have played in a more formal setting and to an audience.

Then yesterday our talented dancers and performers from Years 7 to 13 began two nights of entertainment which includes every type of dance from ballet to modern and all genres in between.  Some of our talented singers and players accompany a number of the performances which adds another dimension. ‘Dance!’ is always a hugely popular event for very good reason and it is wonderful to see what our students have been learning during their co-curricular activities and how they are progressing.

Finally, a word about the current cold snap. As temperatures drop and conditions remain uncertain we will be keeping a watchful eye on the forecasts. Please only travel if it is safe to do so and keep warm.


Alex Tate