Headmaster’s Blog

The unusual weather from last week was a challenge for everyone and it is amazing how quickly it changed over the weekend. I want to publicly thank everyone for their patience and understanding; the changing forecasts made it challenging and I am delighted that we were still able to run the Year 9 Parents’ Evening and keep a semblance of normality towards the end of the week. In particular I want to thank the staff who were able to clear the site and so that we could teach on Friday. I am conscious that not opening has an impact on our parents, but also that under such conditions we have to understand that it may not be appropriate or safe to travel to and from school. Fingers crossed that this will be the last of the freezing weather; I think we can all agree that we have had more than enough!

I am very grateful to all parents and students who completed the recent RS Academics survey. We have just received the results which will help us create the new strategic plan that will set the future direction for the school. Your input is vital and I have asked that RS Academics produce a summary that can be shared with parents and students. Once this plan is near completion we will look to organise events for parents to attend where we can share the plan. More to follow.

The highlight of this week is West Side Story. Having heard so much about BMS productions this will be my first and I am very much looking forward to watching the Jets take on the Sharks. Judging by what I can hear from the rehearsals it will be spectacular!


Alex Tate