Junior School Head’s Blog

There have been a number of different fixtures taking place this term in a wide range of sports.  There has been football, netball, boys’ hockey and cross country.  The latter team have been performing particularly well and came third overall (out of more than 20 schools) at the Bedfordia meet which is a truly fantastic achievement.

Our Assembly was taken by 4JEL last week and they presented the school with their theme of Patron Saints.  They told us about the legends behind the four patron saints of Great Britain and the emblems and theme tunes associated with each. Well done to 4JEL and Mrs Leydon – lovely clear voices were heard right from the back!

You may well have been told by your children that they have been joined at their lunch table by different members of staff each day.  We are trying to encourage the children to eat their food at a sensible pace and to try everything on their plates, leaving as little waste as possible.  I have thoroughly enjoyed chatting to the children in this informal setting – they tell you about all manner of things!

On Monday 05 February the children in Y3 will be enjoying a visit from Off the Page to talk about and support a practical experience of Rocks and Soils.  This has become a stalwart of the Y3 curriculum and is a super opportunity to bring the subject to life.  I hope everyone enjoys it.

Wednesday 07 February marks a challenging day for some of our strongest mathematicians.  Having successfully navigated the first round of this year’s Primary Maths Challenge we have, for the first time ever, six children progressing through to the bonus round.  Three children from Y6 (Alex Priestley, Sofia Murray and Dominic Khan) will be joined by three children in Y5 (Lucian Cox, Lorcan Hegarty and Soren Knuffle) as they individually tackle some very tricky questions.  The questions are often very difficult indeed but I am sure they will do us proud once again.

IMPORTANT – It has been drawn to my attention that some parents are using the keypad code to let themselves into the building to collect their children from After School Care.  The keypads are for use by the children and staff only.  This is for safeguarding reasons.  All parents should make their presence known to the staff in ASC by using the bell provided.  Thank you very much.

The half term break begins on Friday after school.  It might be wise to use the holiday as an opportunity for a stock-take of uniform and stationery so that the children return fully equipped on Monday 19 February.  If any stray items turn up amidst your own child’s, please return them to school so that we can reunite them with their owner.

Have a lovely family week. 

Mrs J Rex
Head of Junior School