Junior School Head’s Blog

My sincere thanks must go to all the children, staff and parents who were involved in Open Day on Saturday.  There were a large number of visitors to the school and despite weather looking a little bleak in the morning, it certainly brightened up and we all managed to get to the end of the day in one piece!  

6KMH gave us a wonderful assembly on Wednesday afternoon.  Their theme was the Victorians and the list of innovations generated by this era is really rather staggering.  The children gave us poetry, dance and singing and successfully crammed nearly 70 years into 15 minutes!  Very well done to 6KMH and Mrs Hale.

On Thursday 16 November we will be holding Parents’ Evening between 6 and 8pm, with the second round taking place on Tuesday 21 November (between 4 and 6pm).  I look forward to seeing many of you at some point over the two evenings.

On Friday 17 November it is our first “Non-Uniform Day”. These are pre-determined days when the children who have managed to keep any of their uniform points are entitled to wear mufti for the day.  I hope that most, if not all the children enjoy this treat to recognise their efforts with regard to keeping smart at school.  If you wish to know when the others are taking place the dates can be found at the back of your child’s planner. 

Rehearsals are progressing well for the Christmas Production and the ticket request letter will be sent home this week.  Please be aware that we are unable to allow small children to sit on the lap of a parent – please make sure that a ticket is requested for all audience members so that they are included in the total number attending; this is so that we meet the fire regulations.  As always, if you are issued with tickets that you are no longer able to use, please return them to school at your earliest convenience so that they can be reallocated.