Headmaster’s Blog

It is hard to believe that we are already approaching the end of this first half term of the academic year.  Tuesday 10 October marked World Mental Health day, which was the theme of my assembly. I highlighted to the students how there has been a marked increase in mental health issues in all schools and offered some advice on looking after our mental health. This included keeping active, eating well, taking a break to cope with stress, maintaining and building social networks, talking about feelings and, perhaps most importantly accepting who you are. Finally I noted how important it is that we not stigmatise mental health, accept it and learn how to recognise and deal with it.

Bearing this in mind, with half term looming it is important that all members of the community enjoy a rest and balance this with any work or commitments that they may have.

This week we welcomed a large number of families to our Sixth Form Information Evening and it was a real pleasure listening to our current students conversing with such enthusiasm with the BMS students of the future! It was a privilege to meet so many new people, show them our School and talk about everything that makes the BMS community unique. I am looking forward to meeting even more families at our Open Day on Saturday 11 November.

However, before we take a well-deserved break we have the House Music Competition to look forward to and having seen the programme and heard the hard work that has gone into the rehearsals first-hand, it certainly promises to be an entertaining evening. Tickets have already sold out, so it will be a packed house; and rightly so!

Alex Tate