Junior School Head’s Blog

Our thanks must go to all of you who sent in contributions for our Harvest Assembly. This year we were joined by Mr Barnes who is an arable farmer and he gave us a very interesting presentation on the crops that are regularly grown in this country and what they are used to make.  His parting message was to encourage the children to think about all the people who have been involved in producing the food on their plates. Your generous donations were distributed to Bedford Hospice Daycare and Bedford Foodbank.

In addition the cake sales organised by Mrs Westbrook and the Charities Club in aid of MacMillan Cancer Care raised an astonishing £190 – a delicious way to raise funds for such a wonderful cause!

On Friday we were treated to yet another Year 6 assembly, this time from 6EAW. Their theme was Memories and I was delighted to hear that our new members to that form have already created memories in such a short space of time. Well done, 6EAW.

The children in Year 6 will have the chance to audition for a speaking role in the Christmas Production on Monday 09 or Thursday 12 October. All the children in the Junior School will be involved and those in Years 3, 4 and 5 will work on their contributions during Music and Drama lessons. However, the onus is on Year 6 to display their dramatic prowess, something they manage to do with great aplomb year on year.

On Wednesday the school will be filled with the sound of music as it is the day of our House Music competition. This is fast becoming one of the highlights of our year and there is always a buzz of excitement throughout the day. Once again the children will be expected to come to school wearing their house t-shirts along with jeans (or plain trousers if they do not possess any jeans) on their lower half. With this event following on from the recent House team building afternoon I am sure that the children will gain even more from the experience.

After an extraordinary amount of sport (with several victories, I must add!) there are still a number of fixtures before we reach the holiday this Friday and I am sure that the teams will continue to do the school proud. I have managed to see many of the weekend fixtures and it gives me great pleasure to see the excitement generated by the children as they represent their school. Well done to everyone who has taken part this term so far, including the staff, and thank you also to all those who have turned up to support them.

I would like to say a big thank you to all those children who have volunteered to help us at Open Day on Saturday 11 November. Slips will be coming home during the week informing parents about which session the children will be required if they do not already know.

Please could you ensure that you collect your children from the Junior School building after clubs?  This is especially important as we hurtle towards the half term break, as after this the nights will draw in very quickly and it will be dark by 5pm. Thank you.

The time has also come to do a half termly “stock check” of uniform and kit. Even this early into the school year there have been several instances of mislaid or wrongly taken kit – please make it a priority to check that everything you have at home belongs to your child. If there is anything that does not belong to your family, please return it to school so that we can return it to its rightful owner! 

And finally…..the half term break begins on Friday 13 October.  I do hope you all have the opportunity to have some family time together and recharge those batteries before we begin the downhill run towards Christmas!