Combat Cadet Competition

On Friday 17 March, a team of nine Bedford Modern School cadets and three members of staff made their way to Bodney Camp in Thetford for the 2017 Combat Cadet Competition.

Year 13 student, Tom Rogers (Army Section), reports: “The team consisted of Colour Sergeant Tom Rogers as section commander; Colour Sergeant Toby Harris as section 2i/c; CQMS Alice Yates; Sergeant Ashling Hickey; Sergeant Kiera Connelly; Corporal James Rivers; Corporal Joseph Sumner; Corporal Alexander Brand and Corporal Christopher Riches.

“The weekend was to consist of various military stances that would test our physical capabilities, as well as our tactical and situational adaptability and skill. The Saturday began with a range package in the morning and continued with a stance-based competition in the afternoon. On the ranges, the team performed well in a falling plate shoot. This consisted of each cadet being given five rounds to take down three targets at varying distances. Corporal Sumner, Sergeant Connelly and Colour Sergeant Rogers knocked down all three targets at 100m, 200m and 300m. The rest of the team also performed well, setting the team in good stead for the afternoon’s stances.

“After the range competition and with the weather against us, we moved into the village phase of the competition. This took place in Eastmere Village, a mock Afghanistan village that was built to train troops for the Afghanistan conflict. During the afternoon there were three training stands which included urban patrolling, entry drills and house clearance. These three would provide a basis for Sunday’s competition. The other seven stands tested our basic military skills, including casualty evacuation, section attack and weapon handling.

“The Sunday consisted of a battle exercise with the three platoons clearing through Eastmere Village, destroying all enemy. It was the first exercise most of the team had taken part in before, with simulation battle noise grenades and flash bangs being thrown by the training team in order to make the exercise more realistic.

“In the Combined Cadet Force class, which consisted of fourteen schools, we were placed second and overall, out of twenty schools and Army Cadet Forces, we came fourth. The final parade was a proud moment for the whole team as this is one of the best results the school has ever had.”