OBMs Crowdfund for new film

Four Old Bedford Modernians are trying to raise £5,000 to help produce a film which features stars from BBC’s Ripper Street and Channel 4’s The Mill
Director Sophie King (2009 – 2010), Lead Role and Actor Sope Dirisu (2002 – 2009), Post Production Sound Kieron Banerji (2000-2010) and Music Composer Segun Akinola (2006 – 2009) are part of Radix Films which writes, develops and produces creative content. 
Crowdfunding for their new film has so far raised £4,000. Written by Timothy Root, an executive at Channel 4, The Trip is a sinister short film about a couple who go away ahead of their wedding.
The film’s lead actors are OBM Sope Dirisu (The Mill) and Gillian Saker (Ripper Street).
Once produced they hope the film will earn industry recognition and as 20 minute shorts are eligible for international awards, further ambitions include the BAFTAs. 
Sophie said: “The project started about a year ago when I wanted to make a 20 minute short. I’ve had experience of several 10 minutes shorts previously, including winning BMS’ Film of the Year twice, but this is very much a stepping stone to getting industry interest before producing a feature length film.
“Sope had left BMS before I joined but [Former Head of Performance Arts] Mrs Rees-Bidder suggested we work together and he was an immediate first choice when casting due to his recent work for Channel 4’s Utopia and The Mill.”
Although Radix Films has funds for the essential aspects of production, the £5,000 will be used to give them the tools they need to produce the best work possible.
They only have until Sunday to raise the money – for more information or to support them, visit: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/103024791/the-trip-a-short-film